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Efficient Heat Pump Installations for Your Wellington Home

The Wellington Heat Pumps team is proud to offer our high-quality Mitsubishi Heavy Heat Pump installation service. We know how important it is to have a reliable heating and cooling system in your home, and we're committed to providing the best service possible to help you achieve maximum comfort. From start to finish, we'll be there to make sure your installation goes smoothly.No one ever regrets getting a heat pump in Wellington! 

Woman sitting on couch using Mitsubishi heat pump installed by wellington heat pumps NZ
5kw heat pump installation Wellington nz done by wellington heat pumps for wellington nz

Transform Your Home's Temperature with Our Heat Pumps

Upgrade your home with a heat pump installation from the professionals at Wellington Heat Pump. We provide affordable prices and professional installation services to ensure that you have a system that runs seamlessly. Our energy-efficient solutions will save you money on your bills and improve the functionality of your home.


Our Heat Pump servicing does not include any repairs for leaking heat pumps.  Our servicing is now only for existing customers as we are focused on installations. 

To maximise your Heat Pump's life and efficiency

Heat Pump maintenance is essential in preserving the integrity of any heat pump. 
During a heat pump maintenance session, I will
1. Clean and disinfect the Heat Pump filter with disinfectant
2. Clean the casing and remove any spiderwebs as this might void the heat pump warranty
3. Remove clutter from around the outdoor unit to prevent things from being sucked in by the fan. 
4. Recording of the temperatures during heating and cooling to ensure the heat pump is working effectively 
5. Perform an inspection to see if there are any issues that require immediate attention 
6. Check for signs of refrigerant leaks
7. Check drain is not clogged and ensure the drain is operational 

8. Check electrical terminals are tight to ensure there are no loose connections

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